An Agile Model of Labor Competences

Design and Evaluate competency profiles in just minutes

Each of the reports of our HPI-COMPETENCE tool provides you with clear, agile information and clear indicator systems to evaluate competencies and enhance the performance of employees within any organization, providing a flexible set of competencies that are highly required in today’s world. 

Competence for Collaborators

Assess, monitor and manage the competencies of your teams.

Competence for Managers

Design and measure key skills for effective and transformational leadership.

HPI Competence

Measures the skills most in demand globally

The Transversal Competencies are those that make the difference between an outstanding result and one that is not, for this reason HPI Competence helps you to evaluate them in time.

Strategic Vision

Identify future goals and scenarios by innovatively interceding to meet or exceed strategic objectives.

Influence and Persuasion

Convincing others of a certain point of view, based on valid information and well-founded arguments.

Creativity and Innovation

Create innovative solutions and proposals in the performance area, with openness to new approaches to generate better and different results.

Manage Teams

Guides and leads others toward the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

Trouble Shooting

Solve complex problems by systematically performing logical analysis, coordinating significant information and potential impacts.


Lead and direct others towards achieving team goals and objectives.

Determination to Decide

Make good decisions in a timely manner with confidence and responsibility.

Adapting to Change

Accept changing situations and new organizational requirements, restructuring work with speed, willingness and flexibility.

Driver of Change

Promote group or organizational change management by supporting its implementation and the participation of those involved.

Organizational Awareness

Identify and understand the organization's policies and their relationships, perform in accordance with organizational processes and dynamics to achieve objectives

Training and Development of Others

Guide and assist the learning and development of others, mentor, coach, train and provide feedback to foster the attainment and achievement of professional growth and long-term job competencies.

Relationship Development

Build, establish, develop and maintain cordial relationships with individuals or networks internal or external to their work group, around the achievement of goals and objectives.


Generate action plans to organize tasks in accordance with objectives, effectively anticipating personal or organizational deadlines.

Negotiation Skills

Understanding and identifying the interests and needs of two or more parties, working to achieve common benefits.

Results Orientation (achievement)

Act responsibly and proactively with high commitment to achieving results, persevere in achieving goals.

Conflict Management

Manage conflicts effectively, considering the circumstances in which they occur.

Quality Orientation

To promote high standards of quality and excellence in their field of performance.

Interpersonal Communication

Develop effective communication processes.

Continuous Improvement

Continuously investigate the methods, processes and systems in their area of performance, seeking to optimize available resources and identify opportunities for improvement.

Knowledge update

Continuously acquire, expand and assimilate new knowledge and skills through education and training. Encourage others to learn and develop new knowledge and job skills.

Inclusion and Diversity

Accept, understand and respect individual differences. Value diversity and adopt an inclusive, equal and respectful treatment for all people, without discrimination of origin, race, creed, gender, status, function or condition.

Effective Topic Statement

Communicate effectively before an audience in a formal setting.

Oral and Written Communication

Communicate clearly and effectively in a written format.

Value formation

Recognize and internalize transcendental human values, acting in accordance with them.

Use of ICT

Know and use media tools and ICT environment to work and communicate in an updated way, including access to information sources and data archiving.

Risk Management

Assimilate the importance of knowledge and application of safety techniques and personal and occupational risk reduction. Identify potential risks, accepting and implementing preventive measures.


Actively work with others, collaborating towards a common goal.


Ability to overcome circumstances of any kind.

Knowledge of the area

Acquires and updates its knowledge on a continuous basis, shows mastery of the characteristic content of its area of performance, identifies its weaknesses and strengths, and responsibly addresses challenges and improvements.

Ethical commitment

People who establish a framework of behavior based on ethics and morals, both in the individual and social sphere, as well as in the professional and labor sphere.

Training and development

People who manifest a genuine interest in the development and success of others. They provide useful feedback and guidance to meet individual challenges. They are motivating, positive and honest in their collaboration.

Conviction and firmness

People capable of saying and doing what they think is right, defending and sustaining their positions in the face of adverse situations and contrary opinions, acting with firmness and constancy in the pursuit of objectives and undertakings, willing to face obstacles.

The solution you need for competency management

Why Choose HPI Competence?

Automatic Reporting

Get automated reports instantly

With our HPI-COMPETENCE platform you will be able to obtain automated reports instantly. Just by pressing a button on your dashboard you will be able to download the results obtained from the job competency profile of a position.

Reliable information

Reliable, validated and supported information

Each of the reports of our HPI-COMPETENCE tool provides you with clear, agile information and clear indicator systems to evaluate the competencies and enhance the performance of an organization’s employees.

Boost your results

Develop the skills that make you more effective and happy

With HPI-COMPETENCE you will be able to implement an agile competency model, based on research of best practices in more than 10,000 companies worldwide, and manage clear performance indicators.

Multi-Language Platform

An international level platform

You will be able to navigate, perform evaluations and issue reports in English, Portuguese and Spanish. You will be able to change the language you want to work with, offering flexibility and an international level platform.

Agile Methodology

Achieves good job performance

Our competency model, which gives life to the HPI-COMPETENCE tool, has been designed with 38 adaptive competencies, which have been collected and measured in more than 10,000 organizations around the world, proving to be the key attributes that allow an employee to achieve a good job performance and predict his or her professional future within an organization.

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About HPI Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

The HPI Competence solution has been developed in an agile and high impact way, allowing to create job profiles based on competencies in minutes, as well as to evaluate a series of transversal competencies in just minutes. In addition, we have remedial training modules to enhance those competencies that are diminished, providing comprehensive support for the design, evaluation and training of competencies.

HPI Competence has been specially designed for the world of people management, both for human resources areas and for consulting firms that help enhance the performance of people, teams and organizations. In addition, we have a special version for universities and institutes supporting the development of better technicians and professionals with 21st Century competencies.

HPI Competence is part of our HPI Tools platform, in which you can create competency profiles for job design or higher education careers. Then you can select the competencies you want to measure, with reports that can evaluate up to five competencies per measurement, obtaining reliable information in minutes. To learn more about what HPI Competence can do for you and your organization, request a meeting with us.


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