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We develop tailor-made systems for every need.

We have validated systems, with our own licenses and constant updates for the world of Education.

Technology Experts

At HPI International we have a team of experts in technology, education and organizations that allows us to build an ecosystem of solutions for your institution.

Promote better performance

We support the evaluation and development of learning competencies to promote better academic performance, decreasing student dropout and increasing professional skills.

A Complete System

We have a complete system of evaluation, training and certification of transversal competencies for higher education students, marking a quality differential and institutional seal.

Ongoing support

We support institutions in a modern, technological and high-value admissions process for students in secondary and higher education.

Real-time measurement

We also develop comprehensive teacher evaluation systems to improve the quality of training, provide real-time measurement systems and improve institutional management systems.

Startup center

We have created “Startup Center”, an entrepreneurship center for higher education institutions, which offers its students, workshops, lectures, training, mentoring and all with an international seal.


Revolutionizing the Admissions System

Our system is composed of three main pillars, which help institutions to improve their admission results in a sustainable way.

Assessment vocational

100% online instrument that allows students to know their vocational profile and receive tailored recommendations, considering their future performance potential.


Develop a whole set of customized customized content to support the decision making process of the different stakeholders, through webinars, seminars, podcasts, ebooks and much more. more.

Integration and training

CRM platforms used by the institution, allowing for personalized, high-value and timely information for the management of the admission process.


Learning to Learn in the 21st Century

Students who do not know their personal learning style, nor the competencies that support it, do not have a guide to learn how to learn more effectively and efficiently, improving their performance and reducing institutional dropout.

Learning assessment

Our HPI Learning instrument allows you to measure
learning skills 100% online, providing a complete report on the development of these competencies and providing feedback for continuous improvement.

Learning development

At HPI International we also deliver a complete and personalized training to support students in improving their learning skills and thereby improve their academic performance.

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HPI Competences

Preparing the professionals of the future

HPI Competences is a system that allows to evaluate the competencies that careers, faculties and institutions seek to promote in their students, providing a clear and timely look at the level of development of those key skills for each institution.

Assessment of competencies

Automated reports for each student, with information and information and feedback to guide their own plan for growth and growth and continuous improvement.

Remedial training

100% online and on-demand experience, aligned with the key indicators of each one of the competencies competencies evaluated in the HPI Competences system.

Certification of competencies

For those students in their final year of training, an international certification of professional competencies will be awarded.


Improving Teaching Quality

HPI Teachers is the combination of technology and knowledge of institutional quality in education, with a focus on increasing educational outcomes through constant measurement and feedback from its faculty.

Measuring teacher performance

Our solution allows us to measure the performance of each teacher through self-assessment, evaluation of their students, colleagues and managers, achieving a 360 ° look that helps to know the real quality of his work as an educator.


Our system delivers individual reports to each teacher so that he/she can know his/her results and thus implement continuous improvement plans in his/her work as a teacher.

Institutional quality systems

The information provided by HPI Teachers helps the institution to improve its system of faculty selection, retention and faculty change decisions, always thinking of promoting a quality institution, based on results and that contributes to the training of future professionals and technicians.

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HPI Safe School

Preparing the professionals of the future

HPI Competences is a system that allows to evaluate the competencies that careers, faculties and institutions seek to promote in their students, providing a clear and timely look at the level of development of those key skills for each institution.


Real Time Records

Manages in real time the entry and exit controls of the students of the establishment, by means of their biometric registry, from totem or mobile devices.

Identity Verification

Both students and responsible parents will have unique records that will safeguard the safety of the entire school community.

Mentoring and working groups

Our solution provides timely notification of student check-in and check-out to responsible adults, as well as schedule changes that may require a different check-in or check-out each day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HPI Education is our area of technology development and integrated solutions for educational institutions that wish to implement evaluation, monitoring, analytics, reporting and support systems in critical areas of educational and institutional quality. 

We have the experience and expertise to develop cutting-edge innovation for the world of education at all levels.

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At HPI International we develop measurement instruments in areas such as emotional intelligence, competency profiles, performance, learning styles or competencies. In addition, we support institutions through the digitalization and integration of data and analytics, to make an effective, accurate and timely management, using new technologies in the service of educational quality. 

We provide platforms and integrations of high strategic value for institutional and educational quality, as well as we develop training content and learning platforms for entities.

In our line of HPI Education we are dedicated to working with educational institutions such as universities, institutes, colleges and ministries of education, which seek to implement new technologies to enhance quality education, atingente and effective for the insertion of people in the challenges of today’s world. 


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