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Discover HPI Emotional intelligence

Our HPI-EQ tool has been specially designed to provide high-value information and clear guidelines for improving emotional competencies. Choose from our Development, Leadership and Educator reports. Know your Emotional Intelligence level and start enhancing it today. Discover your potential with the best emotional intelligence assessment, based on the official model developed by Daniel Goleman.

Development Report

Discover the skills and behaviors that mark your ability

Leadership Report

Learn how to enhance your emotional intelligence and become a better leader.

Educators Report

Discover your emotional intelligence and learn how to enhance it in yourself and others.

Skills measured by HPI Emotional Intelligence

Know your level of emotional intelligence

Social Ability
Discover your 20 skills in 5 dimensions
Know your current level and your desired level of development.
Receive recommendations for further improvement
Three reports designed for your development
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Why Choose HPI EQ?

Automatic Reporting

Get automated reports instantly

With our HPI-EQ platform you will be able to obtain automated reports instantly. Just by pressing a button on your dashboard you will be able to download the results obtained by the person who answered the questionnaire.

Reliable information

Reliable, validated and supported information

Each of the reports of our HPI-EQ tool provides you with reliable information, statistically validated and supported by serious studies, based on Daniel Goleman’s model.

Boost your Results

Develop the skills that make you more effective and happy

With HPI-EQ you will be able to enhance your results in different areas of life. Emotions measure people’s decisions and behavior, so developing these skills makes you more effective and happier.

Multi-Language Platform

An international level platform

You will be able to navigate, perform evaluations and issue reports in English, Portuguese and Spanish. You will be able to change the language you want to work with, offering flexibility and an international level platform.

History available 24/7

Access to a special account on our platform

If you are an HPI-EQ consultant you will have access to a special account on our HPI-Tools platform, which allows you to save the history of the assessments performed and re-download your clients’ reports whenever you want and as many times as necessary. Discover all the benefits of being an Emotional Intelligence Consultant.

About HPI Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

HPI EQ is an assessment based on the official developments of Daniel Goleman, allowing the measurement of 20 emotional skills, which are grouped into five dimensions, such as Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. 

De esta forma, con HPI EQ podrás descubrir tu nivel actual y el nivel deseado para cada una de las dimensiones, así como un análisis y sugerencias de mejora y potenciación para una de ellas. 

If you are looking for a tool that can measure the skills that make up emotional intelligence, in order to support the development, selection and training or search for talent, then HPI EQ is the tool you are looking for.

Solicita una demo y conoce la experiencia y la reportería de nuestras tres versiones, para desarrollo, liderazgo y educadores.

In HPI International we have international certifications in our tools, which are made directly by the multinational LearninGroup International. To use our tools you do not need to be certified, although we recommend it to obtain an optimal use of this knowledge. Also, our accredited consultants have access to a series of discounts and opportunities for continuous growth. 


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