Behind every company there is a great story and telling it can save you a long way as a leader. Whether a company is inherited or created on its own, it has a reason for being far beyond generating money for everyone and therein lies its purpose, the problem is that this purpose is often lost sight of with the hustle and bustle of the day.

What to do then to keep that flame of purpose alive in your company as an engine of inspiration for everyone? Here are 3 keys to effectively communicate your organization’s purpose to your team:

  1. Tell them your Story
    Before defining the purpose or raison d’être of the company, it is important to go to the origin, that is, to the person who had the vision to create the opportunity. What is the impact he/she wanted to generate when he/she started? Many companies are born with only financial purposes but there are a large number that really have a great cause behind them and are companies with purpose.
    The story of how the company was born should preferably be told by the leader himself, involving all his emotions and experiences so that his team understands closely the reason for what they do.
  2. The Company’s Rationale
    Once the leader’s reasons for starting his company are known, it will be important to remember the company’s mission, not the one written in an academic way to decorate the office wall. Therefore, it will be important for the leader to remember: What does the company exist for? Who does it want to help? What is it transforming in the lives of others? What is the positive impact it is making? How does it contribute to sustainability? This must be shared, but most importantly applied. The coherence and example demonstrated by the leader will be the best way to transfer the meaning of the purpose to his collaborators.
    That is why defining very well the values and philosophy of the company will help to strengthen a culture of shared purpose and vision.
  3. Company Vision and Employee Mission Statement
    Communicating where the company wants to take the company is key to understanding the role of each employee. Each job has a purpose and responsibilities for the fulfillment of a series of objectives that together make up the progress that the company is making towards its vision. Unfortunately, many times it is not communicated and many employees do not understand the purpose of what they do, feeling that they only go for a salary.
    So, reminding employees that everything is a system and that each one is a key piece for this system to work well and achieve the shared vision, will be fundamental so that the projects do not remain on paper or halfway.

It is not enough to know only the purpose of the leader and the organization, since it would be unbalanced teamwork (between company and employee) so knowing the reasons and motives that inspired the employee to choose you as a company also shows that they want to be part of that vision and purpose because it surely coincides with their philosophy and values, making your company a safe place for their integrity as an individual.

Take advantage of your digital media to communicate different stories telling from the leader’s purpose to the company’s mission and the reason why your employees keep choosing you. If you have any questions you can leave a comment or write me @vivianreyesl on Instagram or Facebook.