Creativity and innovation are two primary characteristics to stand out in a work team, but they must be stimulated in order to be unleashed.

By definition, creativity is a person’s ability to generate new ideas or concepts. In the work environment it serves to enhance originality, flexibility, risk-taking and tolerance of ambiguity.

On the other hand, innovation is how an employee changes things by introducing novelties or successfully applying emerging ideas. As we can see, both need each other.

All people can become creative and innovative, but they must work on certain characteristics to achieve it in a work team. That is why we will give you 5 ways to stimulate these qualities in your company:

1- Establish objectives: One of the main ways to stimulate the aforementioned qualities is by creating specific and clear objectives in the work group. This reduces information gaps and focuses on the challenges that the team must achieve.

2- Promotes a climate of freedom and working times: One of the ways to promote this climate of freedom is to allow experimentation and failure. It is necessary to allow thinking outside the box and give the necessary space and time for creativity to flourish. In addition, you will be able to take your team out of the comfort zone by taking pressure off them.

3- Increase the motivational quality: A great work environment depends not only on the layout of the workstations, but also on the actions or tools that will be given to employees. That is to say, to incentivize with rewards, to have expectations of changes within the job or to provide constant learning. It is important to understand how the team will be treated, the interest shown in their ideas and the gratitude for their effort or contribution.

4- Encourage diversity: It is essential that work groups can be mixed with other areas, or that, when forming a team, the team members are from multiple disciplines, in order to obtain different perspectives, which provides greater creativity and innovation.

5- Incorporate team coaching: Working with a team coach can be of great help in detecting the potential of each member of your team. It can help you find the external or internal barriers that hinder creativity and innovation. In addition, he or she can integrate and manage teamwork, motivating teams and creating innovative strategies.

These are just some of the ways to enhance creativity and innovation in your work team, so if the techniques mentioned above do not work for you, you can count on specialists to discover the weaknesses and virtues in your work group and make the most of them to achieve the company’s goals.

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