HPI Psyhealth:
Support the integral well-being of people

HPI Psyhealth helps to identify and take action on psychological and emotional difficulties that a person may be experiencing, thanks to the 6-factor model for positive psychology, validated worldwide.

With the HPI Psyhealth Assessment you will be able to measure, feed back, alert and obtain:

A 6-dimensional evaluation system that promotes positive psychology.

Evaluate in a few minutes and from any device connected to the Internet, facilitating the coverage of this information within your institution.

Instant individual reports, with a complete detail of the levels of psychological well-being achieved by individuals.

Risk alerts for people with the greatest well-being gaps, in order to take timely action.

At HPI International we develop automated assessment solutions that help to have reliable and timely information for correct decision making, accompanying your students throughout the training cycle, improving the level of student welfare and taking timely and preventive actions.

Measure Psychoemotional Well-Being

Discover the level of psycho-emotional well-being of people, by means of the 6-factor model for positive psychology.

Automated feedback

Receive automated reports with the individual results of the people in your institution, providing feedback and key indicators for the improvement of mental health.

Take Timely Action

Have timely and reliable indicators to take timely actions to support the psychoemotional well-being of your students.

Measuring dimensions by HPI Psyhealth

Interpersonal relationship skills

+ Ability to establish interpersonal relationships

+ Empathy/ability to understand the feelings of others

+ Ability to give emotional support

+ Ability to establish intimate interpersonal relationships


+ Ability to have own criteria

+ Independence

+ Self-regulation of one’s own behavior

+ Personal security / Self-confidence

Prosocial attitude

+ Active predisposition towards social / towards society.

+ Altruistic” social attitude / attitude of help-support towards others.

+ Acceptance of others and differential social facts.

Personal satisfaction

+ Self-concept

+ Satisfaction with personal life

+ Satisfaction with future prospects

Troubleshooting and self-updating

+ Analytical skills

+ Ability to make decisions

+ Flexibility / ability to adapt to change

+ Attitude for continuous personal growth and development


+ Ability to cope with stress/conflict situations

+ Emotional balance / emotional control

+Tolerance to anxiety and stress

Why HPI Psyhealth?

Psychological and emotional health is a key factor in various areas of people’s lives. In such a way that it ends up impacting interpersonal relationships, performance and the way in which decisions are made.

During the last decade, mental health rates have worsened worldwide and the figures for 2030 are really alarming:

Mental Health Disorder

1 in 4 people will have a mental health disorder in their lifetime.

Lack of Attendance

Between 35% and 50% of people do not receive any treatment or assistance. 

Mental Health Problems

450 million people are affected by mental health issues


More than 300 million people worldwide live with a depression or mental health problem.

Increase in Suicide Rate

Nearly 800,000 people commit suicide each year, making it the second leading cause of death in people aged 15 to 29.

Take care of your mental health with HPI Psyhealth

Reasons for implementing HPI Psyhealth


Expert Team

We have a team of experts in higher education and technologies, so we know the main challenges of institutions, which has allowed us to develop high-impact solutions in 32 countries around the world and in three languages.​


100% Cloud Platform

Our systems have the highest information management security of Google Cloud Platform, so that each institution and its students can be confident in the management of their data.


Reliable, secure and validated information

We offer reliable and timely information, with internationally validated instruments, automated reporting for your students and relevant information for decision making in different areas of your institution.


Triple-impact SaaS platform

Our Suite is the first triple-impact SaaS platform, so every institution that chooses us helps underprivileged students to empower their skills for the future and contributes to the environment, being part of the SDGs.​


Full Integration System

All our solutions have integrations to the main systems used by institutions, helping to manage information in an agile and effective way. In addition, you will receive frequent updates at no additional cost.​

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