In order to choose the right employee, it is important that he/she meets the characteristics required for the position. For this, it is essential to know very well what is the position that is needed and what will be the capabilities that will be sought for the position.

The recruitment process is very important for companies, but not all of them are clear about why. The main problem of a bad recruitment is that it can cost twice a person’s annual salary. On the other hand, every company needs to be competitive and productive and for that it needs employees who perform up to expectations.

What happens if we make a bad recruitment?

The main problem of making a bad recruitment is that it directly affects the company’s pocket. But it also causes other types of problems:

Bad working environment: A hired collaborator who is not well profiled for the position that is being requested causes several problems, and one of them is to generate a bad working environment. And be careful, this is not because he/she is a bad person or has character problems (which can happen), but the main mistake is that because the profile is different from what was requested, he/she may not achieve the company’s goals, which directly affects his/her colleagues and team, in addition to affecting the employer.

Training costs: Another problem caused by a bad hiring process is that efforts are spent in time and money that will not be rewarded in the company. A new employee, in any company, must be trained according to the needs of the company, but what happens if he/she does not meet the profile and resources are used for his/her training? Here the problem is that the company’s efforts will be wasted because in the end they will realize that he/she is not the right person for the position and all that was used for his/her training will be lost.

Adaptation problems: What happens if a company with certain values, mission and vision hires a person with different values and who does not fit with the company’s objectives? Most likely, there will be adaptation problems that will generate direct friction with colleagues, bosses and even with himself. He/she will feel that he/she does not fit in, so his/her performance in the position he/she was hired for will decline even more.

This is why, in order to choose the right collaborator, a strategy and previous planning is needed that takes into account each point of the position, the company’s values, the professional skills that will be needed and the profile that is requested. Not all professionals of the same career are the same, each one stands out in certain areas, so not all of them will be suitable for the position.

An important point to highlight is that you should look for people with high emotional intelligence to match the job skills that are requested. That is to say that you need people who have a very good attitude, who have character, who are motivated, who have experience (not only professional) and who know how to fit in the work environment of your company.

If you still don’t know how to improve this point, we recommend that you look for strategic methodologies to select people and that you can include the necessary tools to measure people’s performance. On the other hand, it is always good to train human resources personnel so that the error rate decreases or is almost zero.