In the 21st century, the competencies that people have are more important than the number and type of diplomas they possess. For this reason, we must innovate in the real development of skills within organizations and higher education institutions. 

In this new eBook edited and distributed by HPI International, and written by Dr. Isaiah Sharon, you will find three steps that will help you to innovate in a concrete way and achieve the empowerment of competencies in other people, in an effective and sustainable way. 

New eBook!

In this new publication, the organizational psychologist, master in people management and doctor in education and new technologies, Isaías Sharon, shares 3 easy and clear steps to implement to innovate in the development of competencies, whether we want to take it to the management and development of people within companies, or if we want to incorporate it in the training of professionals within universities. 

This eBook shows us how nowadays the ability to achieve results is more important than the titles that people have, so developing more and better competencies becomes the big difference between achieving the goals that are sought or simply not achieving them. 

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In this new eBook you will find the three stages that will help you to enhance competencies, both within a company and in a higher education institution.

You will learn about the 30 most required transversal competencies in the 21st Century and you will obtain a clear and simple guide on the main considerations to keep in mind to successfully achieve extraordinary and differentiated results. 

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This publication has been edited and distributed by HPI International and was written by Isaiah Sharon, author of more than 10 titles in the field of people and organization development.

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