Organizations are changing and need to build new cultures within them that make results and relationships an everyday occurrence. To support this challenge we must think about building cultures with emotional intelligence. That is why we invite you to download this new eBook by Dr. Isaiah Sharon, edited and distributed by HPI International, completely free of charge.

New eBook!

This new publication by Isaías Sharon, psychologist, master in organizational development and PhD in education and new technologies, helps to understand how we can implement systems for measuring and developing emotional intelligence within organizations. 

You will discover the 5 pillars and 20 skills that are required for an organization with more emotional intelligence and how these competencies help to achieve greater effectiveness, better interpersonal relationships, higher levels of well-being and a better quality of life for people, thus making companies and work environments more effective and sustainable.

Why download?

This eBook makes a complete tour of the 5 dimensions of emotional intelligence, delving into the 20 skills that compose it, indicating how each of them becomes an axis of positive impact within organizations and in the design of a healthier and sustainable culture over time.

Thus, the author shows us the relevance of measuring and developing emotional intelligence competencies, especially in the leadership and influencers of modern organizations.

A text that shows how to build an organizational culture that incorporates emotional intelligence as a key success factor, both for individuals, teams and organizations.

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cultura organizacional con inteligencia emocional