When we talk about leadership, the image of a card game comes to my mind, where I find myself at a table with other players and each one has the same amount of cards and opportunities, as well as opportunities to take new decks and improve my position in front of the rest of the players.

Each one of us will be part of an ecosystem that many of us call as the organization, our cards can be considered as the abilities or skills that we know we have in our hand and that we can get others if they were necessary. In this sense the sum of these cards and their combination I associate it as leadership, which from my point of view is the sum of our skills and that the proper use of them will contribute to the desired achievement.

As players who possess a number of skills and that we have the interest to combine them properly to be effective and obtain favorable results will require to have a greater clarity of how to play, the implications of each of these cards that is in our hand to make better decisions when taking on the challenges that we are exposed.

An excellent ally

Both organizations and individuals committed to positively impact the results of their actions. They are looking for tools that contribute to this end, where they can build a solid and lasting platform that guarantees the expected results.

In this sense I want to share one of the tools that is used by many and that is a key factor in the construction of human talent and is the powerful HPI-DiSC tool. Which, I will be sharing from three (03) different looks some benefits that you will have with this assertive methodology that has the due international endorsements.

The Organization’s point of view:

Organizations rely on this tool to expand the information they collect from the selection processes of candidates for a job, obtaining relevant information from the collaborator, such as:

  • A more precise approach to the candidate, how he/she will act to obtain results either by controlling, building key relationships, providing the proper security or adhering to established rules and processes.
  • Provides significant savings in the efficiency of the operation by having the right people for the different positions.
  • Optimize results by knowing clearly and precisely the contribution of the future collaborator to the results expected in a project or work team.

In addition to the selection process organizations take advantage of this powerful tool to develop existing talent within accompanying processes such as coaching, mentoring and consulting as a key piece to increase the productivity of their most precious resource and we can expand the list of benefits for organizations.

The look of the team:

Work teams will present a better alignment and delivery of results when supported by the diagnosis obtained in the report of its members because it will allow:

  • Map the team’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Quickly identify which is the ideal collaborator to optimize the results of any function.
  • Positively impact in a transversal way by becoming aware of the affinity with other behavioral styles.

The team will be upgraded by being properly calibrated according to their individual and group skills in order to generate a better synergy among them.

The collaborator’s point of view:

Each of us is responsible for the impact we generate with ourselves, within the team and in the results we achieve within the organization. For this reason, self-knowledge is fundamental and HPI-DiSC will provide us:

  • Recognize the aspects that we can take advantage of to contribute in our functions and also those that require our due attention to bring them to the expected results.
  • It will allow us to elaborate a better personal development strategy focused on results that will favor us.
  • Identify opportunities to improve our influence with other people.

In this sense, inspirational leadership is to know how to play with the cards we have in this hand and evaluate if necessary to ask for additional cards to make the difference that is required before the rest of the players, with the purpose of having what is necessary and win the game with our competitive advantage.

Special Invitation

So I invite you if you are a player, a team member or responsible for an organization that you take advantage of the tools and especially the HPI-DiSC that is an excellent ally to enjoy your game not leaving it to chance, but with the strategy that efficient people take advantage of.

Nowadays it requires more attention to the behaviors that we are expressing in our work management, whether we are working from home remotely or we are attending our workplace with the due care of biosecurity.

How to

Leading each of these processes by understanding the origin of our reactions and channeling them assertively is our responsibility to control the situation, with a network of suitable collaborators, in a safe way for everyone and adhering to good practices is fundamental.

I share with you 5 keys that you can apply to a business objective when applying a DiSC profile to team members:

  • Elaborate with the team a F.O.D.A. matrix with the results of the DiSC report. 
  • Generate a collaborative discussion in the team to identify the main contribution of each member to the selected objective with what they discovered in the report. 
  • Analyze the business objective and its indicator to be improved with the F.O.D.A. matrix from the previous step. 
  • Establish 3 actions with the S.M.A.R.T. methodology that allows to improve the results of the analyzed objective with the contributions of its members. 
  • Include in the development plan of each member the development opportunities that need to be covered considering the 70/20/10 methodology. 

This group activity will allow a better integration of the team members by knowing the impact they have in relation to their partners, in establishing commitments to achieve results leveraged on their strengths, interests, motivations, among other aspects.