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Improving the quality of professionals is a challenge for all higher education institutions. Today we know that it is not enough to deliver knowledge, it is also necessary to develop the transversal competencies that make the difference, the so-called Power Skills. 

To achieve this we have created HPI Competence, a complete solution to measure, feedback, enhance and certify the transversal competencies of students within higher education institutions, ensuring the quality of training and the generation of competent professionals for the XXI Century.

Professional Competencies
for the 21st Century

HPI Competence is the solution that helps higher education institutions to train integral professionals with the competencies required in the 21st Century. 

Our system uses Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology to measure, provide feedback, train and accredit the levels of transversal competencies, or Power Skills, of higher education students, helping them and the institutions to be more competent and prepared professionals for the challenges of today’s world.

Measure and provide feedback on the 29 most internationally required transversal competencies.

Deliver personalized reporting to your students, thanks to our technology that combines Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology for professional success.

Form the competency gaps of your students, in an automated way, ensuring the highest level of skills in the profile of your graduates.

Give your graduates an International Certification of Competencies at the moment of graduation, with a model validated in more than 32 countries around the world.

Enhance the academic quality and prestige of your institution by joining leading entities in educational innovation.

Incorporate the best technology to empower your Educational Institution.

HPI Competence for your institution

We are true specialists in higher education, which allows us to deliver a unique solution that impacts on the main indicators of quality and international prestige.

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Evaluation of Competencies

It allows students to be evaluated throughout their student life, recognizing the level of their transversal competencies and delivering automated reports with valuable feedback.

Certification of Competencies

We certify internationally the transversal competencies of graduates, adding value to new professionals and promoting their insertion into the world of work and their professional success.

Training Gap Formation

We automate the training process for those students with the greatest gaps in their competencies, thus ensuring high quality in the graduation profiles of educational institutions.


Forming the Professional Competencies of the 21st Century

Take your institution to a new level of institutional quality.

Improving the Quality of Higher Education

Reasons to implement HPI Competence

Get automated reports instantly

Count on automated reporting to provide feedback to students and receive relevant information to make decisions that impact the academic improvement and quality of your higher education institution.

Reliable, secure and validated information

Our tools have been internationally validated, delivering reliable and timely information. While they are managed in systems with the highest data protection security, together with Google Cloud.

Multiplatform integrations

HPI Competence has been designed to integrate with the main platforms used by educational institutions, helping the management of information and streamlining institutional management for better results.

Automated Training

Support students with the greatest skills gaps through automated training, which helps to enhance up to 47% of the most internationally required transversal skills.

International Competency Accreditation

Certify the transversal competencies of your graduates, providing a powerful differential for their labor insertion and professional success, by means of a tool validated in 32 countries around the world.

About HPI Competence

Frequently Asked Questions

Institutions such as UNESCO, the UN SDGs and the World Economic Forum itself agree on the need to develop applied competencies in 21st century professionals, going beyond technical knowledge and enabling them to carry out the necessary transformations in today’s world.
beyond technical knowledge and enabling them to carry out the necessary transformations in today’s world.

HPI Competences, helps higher education institutions to measure throughout the student’s life those key competencies for their future professional development, providing timely training spaces, real-time institutional quality metrics and international certifications that project institutional quality in higher education.

Take your institution to a new level of educational quality and academic prestige.

It is not enough to provide knowledge to future professionals. It is required to train the competencies that make the difference in their employability and future success. 

HPI Competence helps higher education institutions to measure the transversal competencies of their students throughout their education; providing them with automated and customized reports for continuous improvement. 

In addition, you will be able to train those students who have the greatest skills gaps, thanks to our Artificial Intelligence system, to finally accredit the graduation competencies of your students, generating a unique differential for job placement and future professional success. 

With HPI Competence you will be able to measure students’ transversal competencies throughout their training. 

In addition, you will deliver customized reports with their results and feedback so that they can continue to improve their professional skills. 

You will also be able to automatically train those students who have the biggest gaps in the competencies evaluated. 

Finally, with HPI Competence you can internationally accredit your students’ level of graduation competencies.

Make a difference and add your institution to HPI Competence.

Of course it is!

HPI Competence, like all our solutions, has been designed to integrate with the various platforms used by higher education institutions, such as Power BI, CRM, ERP, LMS, among others. 

With HPI Competence you can have all the information in your systems, meeting the highest standards of security in the management of information and the use of computer platforms.

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