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53 million customers have already tested the power of HPI DISC in two versions, which allows you to Predict People Behavior, recognize their Potential and take people management to the next level, thanks to our HPI TOOLS Suite and our technology that combines Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology.

HPI DISC Standard

The ideal version for the Recruitment and Training areas.

HPI DISC Premium

The report designed for Leaders from Another Planet, to attract, empower and retain talent.

Improved Decision Making with HPI DISC

How does HPI DISC work?

In the internal logic of this instrument lies the secret of its richness, this is based on the existence of four basic behavioral patterns, present in all people, which thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology developed by HPI International provides organizations with reliable, timely and key information to make decisions in the area of human resources.

All of us have these four dimensions that make up our Behavioral Profile. By knowing it we can predict our behavior, know what motivates us, enhance communication, leadership and much more.
Through HPI DISC, organizations can reduce assessment times by 70%, improve the profile of a new hire by 65% and improve performance within the organization.

HPI DISC has been used by more than 53 million people worldwide.

Why choose HPI DISC?

Save time and achieve better results

Get automated reports instantly

Save time in your evaluation, feedback and decision making processes, thanks to our automated reports, generated with our algorithm developed with Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology, designed to support the development of people and your organization.

Reliable information

Reliable, validated and supported information

Each of the reports of our HPI DISC tool provides you with reliable, statistically validated information supported by serious studies that have been scientifically tested worldwide.

In addition, our platform combines Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology to provide you with information that impacts the development of your organization.

An Integrated Solution for your Organization

Centralize all your Employee Evaluation Information

Our HPI DISC tool is part of the HPI TOOLS Suite, which has been specially designed to help people management areas to measure, feedback and enhance the performance of their employees and make better decisions about internal talent.

Find all the information in one place to improve your management and facilitate work processes.

All our Solutions in three languages

A platform for global challenges

We know that the world is global and your organization’s challenges are too, that’s why our HPI TOOLS Suite is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, evaluating and reporting in the languages that best help your human talent management.

You can rest assured with our Technical Support

We accompany you at all times

With HPI DISC and our HPI TOOLS Suite you and your organization can rest assured. 

We work with the best technology, all the security of information management provided by Google Cloud. In addition, we provide constant support to our customers, so that you worry about empowering talent in your organization and we help you to recognize it.

Rely on true experts in Assessments

A powerful solution for people assessment and development

Discover a world-class Suite

About HPI Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

HPI DISC is a worldwide tool used to know the behavioral style of people. With our Assessment you will be able to recognize the behavioral profile, the communication style, the levels of compatibility between profiles, in addition to having detailed information on how to work with different types of people, which will help you enhance self-awareness, communication, leadership, teamwork, among many other key skills within your organization.

Learn more about this and other tools from our HPI TOOLS Suite.

HPI DISC, in its different versions, is a reliable tool with several statistical validations worldwide, which allows us to have an instrument calibrated for different global populations and available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

In addition, our platform provides the highest information security systems, safeguarding your most sensitive data, both for consultants, companies and end users. 

For many reasons HPI DISC is a reliable, useful, versatile and high value assessment for the development of individuals, teams and organizations.

If you are looking for a reliable and validated tool to predict behavior and enhance people’s performance, then HPI DISC is the tool you need. 

It allows you to know the behavioral profile and its composition in the four dimensions of the DISC model, in addition to using Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology to generate reports of great organizational value.

In addition, it provides you with information applied to relationships, productivity, leadership, team management and much more.

You too can rely on a tool that has been used by more than 53 million customers worldwide.

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