HPI Engage: Decreases attrition

More than 40% of students who enter higher education do not complete their studies. Thus, student dropout is one of the main problems that impact institutions, students and society, generating substantial losses.

With HPI Engage, institutions are able to anticipate and take targeted action on those students who are at risk of dropping out. 

Thanks to our algorithms that combine Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology, we alert in a timely manner, reducing up to 42% of student dropouts in higher education.

Boost your institution’s results with HPI Engage.

Increases Student Engagement.

Increasing student engagement, supporting them in a way that is appropriate to their key success needs, are some of the aspects that contribute to increasing the permanence of higher education students and achieving the effective formation of new professionals for society. 

To achieve this, reliable, timely and anticipated information is required to allow institutions to act in time. All this is possible with HPI Engage, a 100% cloud solution that provides key information to reduce student attrition by up to 42%.

With HPI Engage your institution will be able to:

Identify in a timely manner those students who are at risk of dropping out of school.

Recognize the variables that are influencing these students, in order to take targeted actions to support them.

Anticipate with reliable and timely information that predicts the risk of attrition within your institution.

Improve student retention by up to 42%, increasing student engagement.

Use our Solution with Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Predictive Psychology to identify and increase Student Retention.

HPI Engage: Increased Retention

We know that attrition is a major problem in higher education, so our solution helps increase retention of university students by up to 42%.

Identify Students in need of assistance

Know in advance which students are at risk of dropping out of school. Know the key variables to help them and take timely action from institutional management and student support.

Increase Student Engagement

Learn how to increase the engagement of your students, reducing the risk of dropout and increasing their commitment to your institution and the training programs you offer.

Improve Institutional Results

Increase student retention in your institution by up to 42%, positively impacting various management, sustainability and quality indicators. Lead your university to better results.

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Achieve the Best Student Retention Results

Generate a unique impact with HPI Engage

Improve your Institutional Indicators

Reasons to implement HPI Engage

Increase Student Engagement

With our HPI Engage solution you can increase student retention within your higher education institution by up to 42%. Positively impacting institutional growth, sustainability and quality.

Identify and Target Retention Actions

Anticipate your students’ needs with timely and reliable information. Take the actions that really make a difference in student retention and improve management indicators.

Multiplatform integrations

HPI Engage has been designed to integrate with the main platforms used by educational institutions, helping to manage information and streamlining institutional management for better results.

Reliable, secure and validated information

​Our tools have been internationally validated, delivering reliable and timely information. While they are managed in systems with the highest data protection security, together with our partner Google Cloud.

Internationally proven solutions

Our HPI Engage solution has been tested and used in more than 32 countries around the world, obtaining excellent results and being validated by important Universities present in the main international rankings.

About HPI Engage

Frequently Asked Questions

More than 40% of students entering higher education do not complete their studies. This is a serious problem for higher education institutions and the development of their social environments. 

At HPI International we have created HPI Engage, a powerful digital tool that uses algorithms that combine Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology, helping to improve up to 42% the retention of students within higher education institutions, impacting on quality indicators, management and institutional sustainability.

HPI Engage is a solution specially designed to help higher education institutions boost student engagement and improve retention. 

Through our algorithm that combines Artificial Intelligence and predictive psychology, we are able to improve student retention by up to 42%, helping institutions to improve their institutional management and achieve extraordinary results.

With HPI Engage you will be able to identify in advance those students who are at risk of dropping out of school. 

In this way, institutions know to whom and how to target support to boost student retention and institutional engagement.

Of course it is!

HPI Engage, like all our solutions, has been designed to integrate with the various platforms used by higher education institutions, such as Power BI, CRM, ERP, LMS, among others. 

With HPI Engage you can have all the information in your systems, complying with the highest security standards in the management of information and the use of computer platforms.

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