Identify and Empower 20 Emotional Intelligence Skills

Boost results with HPI EQ

Over the last decades studies have shown that people with higher levels of Emotional Intelligence are more effective, cultivate better relationships, have greater well-being and increase their quality of life, bringing countless benefits in their results, health and well-being, among other areas. 

HPI EQ helps to identify and enhance Emotional Intelligence to build high performance leaders and teams that are able to successfully face the challenges of life and work.

More and more companies around the world are integrating Emotional Intelligence to people management and now you can do the same with our Assessments solutions.

Identify 20 Skills

Discover the level of the 20 emotional intelligence skills that your company's leaders and collaborators have.

Enhance Emotional Intelligence

Improve emotional competency levels to promote well-being, results and a high-performing, sustainable organization.

Automatic Feedback

Deliver comprehensive feedback reports and collaborators, increasing opportunities for improvement and growth, thanks to our AI technology.

What can I measure with HPI EQ?

Identify and Enhance Emotional Intelligence

Motivación Intrínseca
Social Skills
Discover the 20 EQ skills in 5 dimensions of development.
Know the current and desired level of development for each individual.
Get automated reporting with concrete growth recommendations.
Choose from three reports for each situation: Leadership, Development and Educators.
Make better decisions by knowing and developing the Emotional Intelligence of leaders and collaborators.
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Persons Evaluated
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We've combined Artificial Intelligence with Predictive Psychology for a Great Result

Why Choose HPI EQ?

Automatic Reporting

Get automated reports instantly

With our HPI-EQ platform you will be able to obtain automated reports instantly. Just by pressing a button on your dashboard you will be able to download the results obtained by the person who answered the questionnaire.

Reliable information

Reliable, validated and supported information

Each of the reports of our HPI-EQ tool provides you with reliable information, statistically validated and supported by serious studies, based on Daniel Goleman’s model.

Take your results to a new level

Boost Leadership, wellbeing and results with Emotional Intelligence

International studies show that Emotional Intelligence impacts people’s effectiveness, relationships, well-being and quality of life, being these skills the ones that have the greatest impact on effective leadership and sustained results. Achieve all of this with HPI EQ

All our Solutions in three languages

A platform for global challenges

We know that the world is global and your organization’s challenges are too, that’s why our HPI TOOLS Suite is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, evaluating and reporting in the languages that best help your human talent management.

Keep your information

Don't lose information and enjoy our suite

HPI EQ is part of our HPI TOOLS Suite, which allows you to keep all your historical information, manage internal projects, obtain customized reports and manage high-value information for decision making and talent management within your organization.

About HPI Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

HPI EQ is an assessment based on the official developments of Daniel Goleman, allowing to measure 20 emotional skills, which are grouped into five dimensions, such as Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Intrinsic Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. 

Thus, with HPI EQ you will be able to identify the level of each of the 20 skills evaluated, establishing current and desired levels individually. 

In addition, you will obtain automated reporting thanks to our technology that combines Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology, to achieve extraordinary results within teams and organizations.

If you are looking for a solution to help you Identify and Empower Talent within your organization, then HPI EQ and the entire HPI TOOLS Suite, which allows you to measure those qualities and skills that are key to the performance of individuals and teams, provide timely feedback and make decisions that support the achievement of strategic objectives. 

If you want to take your organization to the next level, you need timely and reliable information on the variables that really impact people’s results. 

Request a meeting with our specialists and learn more about what you can achieve with HPI EQ. 

Many entities ask their clients to be accredited in the tools they use, thus offering programs with high costs and low future impact. 

At HPI International we really want to support you, for that reason you will have access to training and accreditations with us, which you can extend to your work team and internal specialists, depending on the annual plan you purchase. 

Don’t worry, at HPI International we will accompany you through the whole process. 

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