Know and Empower Talent in your Organization

HPI Tools is the solution designed for People Management

With HPI TOOLS you will be able to evaluate, know, enhance and make decisions about the talent of your employees, thanks to our system that combines Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology at the service of human potential.

Integrated Platform

HPI TOOLS is an integrated platform for People Management areas, which helps to evaluate, understand and enhance talent within organizations, making better decisions to achieve unique results.

Reliable and Timely

Obtain reliable and timely information with scientifically validated and internationally tested instruments, with automated reporting for employees and the organization.

Continuous Improvement

Our reporting helps organizations to continuously improve, making timely decisions based on reliable information. This is how institutions grow and achieve incredible results.

A true ally

We are true allies of the People Management areas, accompanying them in their challenges, so that they can improve management and promote unique results.

99,9% Uptime

Our technology is based on Google Cloud offering 99.9% server uptime, providing the highest data security and protection of relevant information.

Proven Results

We improve key indicators for the attraction, selection and training of human talent within companies in all sectors. Learn more about HPI TOOLS.

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HPI DISC is the best version of the validated Behavioral Profile instrument created by Williams Marston, with a complete automated reporting, multi-language platform and a modern and functional interface on all types of devices. 

Discover the full potential of our HPI DISC Standard and HPI DISC Premium versions, with which you will be able to:

Predicting Behavior

You will be able to know the deepest characteristics of a person and predict their behavior in different contexts, helping you in the processes of selecting people, designing high-performance teams, training and much more.

Training Teams

With HPI DISC reporting you will have all the necessary information to enhance skills and build high performance teams in commercial areas, leadership training, customer service, negotiators, among others.

Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology

The HPI TOOLS solution will help you to have automated reporting, which incorporates algorithms composed of Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology, delivering powerful information for effective people management.

Assess and Enhance Competencies


HPI Competence is the perfect solution for assessing and empowering the key competencies that drive people’s performance. Access a solution of 30 job competencies that will allow you to take your teams to the next level of results.

Evaluate and Provide Feedback

100% digital way the transversal competencies or Power Skills of your employees or candidates for a position, delivering automated reports that help the continuous improvement of your organization.

Empower Key Skills

All our reports are focused on the constant improvement and empowerment of your employees’ key skills. Focus your training actions, design high performance teams and have the necessary competencies within your organization.

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Assess and Enhance Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is one of the main skills that mark the results of individuals, teams and organizations. Evaluate and empower dimensions that impact your goals, work environment, decision making, mental health and much more.

Evaluate the 5 Dimensions of EQ

With HPI EQ you will be able to evaluate the five dimensions of emotional intelligence, such as self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills, recognizing a total of 20 skills in people.

Official Daniel Goleman Model

Our assessment solution uses the Official Model of Daniel Goleman, the most recognized author in the field. Trust your assessments to a proven model with international support.

Empower Transformational Leadership

Research shows that Emotional Intelligence is the core competency of a Transformational Leader. Assess, train and empower leadership within your organization.


Identify the cultural profile


new hpi

Identify the cultural profile of your candidates, employees and teams, generating a more harmonious culture and making better decisions for the people management of your organization.

Get to know all the power of HPI CULTURE, our Cultural Fit tool.

Evaluate the Cultural Fit

Know the level of fit of your candidates and collaborators with the culture of your organization. Evaluate your areas to know the culture you really have within your teams.

Aligns and Enhances Organizational Culture

Nowadays organizations know that the best way to generate alignment is through culture, that is why HPI CULTURE helps you to know the level of Cultural FIT of people, teams and areas within your organization, achieving unique results.

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All the Information in One Place


Con la Suite HPI TOOLS podrá disponer de toda la información, analítica y reporting en un único lugar, facilitando la gestión y la toma de decisiones. Además, nuestro sistema cuenta con integración a las principales tecnologías utilizadas en el mundo de las organizaciones.


Real Time Records

Get all the information in real time by logging into your HPI TOOLS institutional account. Know the status of your processes and visualize the results to make better decisions in a more agile way.


Automated Reporting

Deliver reports that contribute to the growth of your employees and have automated institutional reporting. Rely on the best AI and Predictive Modeling system for the human resources world.


Total Integration

We know you use many systems that do not interact with each other. With HPI TOOLS integrate multi-platform information to save time and improve your organization’s people management.

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About HPI TOOLS Suite

Frequently Asked Questions

HPI TOOLS is a 100% cloud suite created for People Management areas, helping them to evaluate and enhance the talent in their organization.

Our solutions are available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Yes, of course!

We know that organizations use several systems to perform their work and that many of them do not integrate with each other, generating loss of time, functionality, resources and finally, hindering their challenge to improve and grow. 

HPI TOOLS has been developed to integrate with the main systems used in the world of organizations, generating an agile and effective experience.

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For us it is essential that the information we provide is Reliable and Timely. For this reason, we only work with instruments that have been internationally validated for the world of people management, following exhaustive processes of adequacy and statistical reliability for use in 32 countries around the world. 

The HPI TOOLS suite provides answers to the people assessment needs of organizations, regardless of the number of employees they have. 

Our solutions simply work, helping you to achieve your objectives of selecting, knowing and empowering the talent in your organization, without imposing a minimum requirement.

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