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HPI Potential is a powerful solution that connects Higher Education Institutions with their future students, providing them with relevant information about their potential and the areas of knowledge where they can achieve better academic and professional results. Boost your institution’s admission results and improve up to 75% the admission profile to your academic offerings.

Train your intake teams to deliver counseling in a truly effective way, thanks to our methodology proven by more than 53 million people worldwide.

Improve your prospective students' entry profile by up to 75% and have automated reporting that adds value and facilitates decision making.

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Get Extraordinary Results

HPI Potential enables higher education institutions to connect in an innovative way with your institution’s prospective students by helping them to understand their potential, to make better educational decisions and to achieve extraordinary results, both academically and in their future careers. 

Increase admission results, improve up to 75% the admission profile and lead your institution towards its goals.

With HPI Potential your institution will be able to:

Connecting with prospective students, relating in an innovative way and offering a valuable report, so that they can learn about their potential, with a view to entering higher education.

Increase the contactability with students and their schools, enhancing the link with the environment and reaching those you are really looking for for your institution.

Integrate all information easily into your CRM systems, streamlining intake management and boosting results.

hpi potential

With HPI Potential you get a one-stop solution.

At HPI International we specialize in solutions for Higher Education around the world. We know that admissions is an increasingly complex challenge, so we help institutions by using Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology to increase the number of students and improve the admission profile of new students to your institution by up to 75%.

Personalized Reporters

HPI Potential delivers automated reports to its prospective students and the institution, generating a differentiating impact, with relevant and attractive information on performance potential in various areas of study, guiding the decision making process.

Management Dashboard

We deliver a complete management and reporting Dashboard so that the institution can make better decisions, know its potential students and achieve unique results, even in the most competitive contexts. 

Integration to CRM Systems

All the information generated by HPI Potential is automatically integrated into your institution’s CRM, facilitating management and improving the response times of your admissions teams. All created for truly unique results.

Integral Accompaniment

At HPI International we not only generate the technology that is transforming higher education institutions. We also accompany them with consulting and training of admissions teams to achieve extraordinary goals.


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Reasons to implement HPI Potential


Increases Admission levels

HPI Potential has been specially designed to help increase admission levels in higher education institutions, allowing them to attract and connect with their future students, thanks to the use of new technologies.


Up to 75% improvement in the entry profile

HPI Potential not only attracts more students to your institution, but also achieves up to 75% improvement in the admission profile, which impacts on improved academic results and increased student retention, among some of the benefits. 


Integration of Reporting for Decision Making

All the information generated by the HPI Potential solution is visualized and managed in the institutional Dashboard and is also integrated with the platforms most used by educational institutions, facilitating reporting and decision making.


International experience in 32 countries around the world

Our solutions have a presence in 32 countries around the world, available in Spanish, English and Portuguese, which has allowed us to impact hundreds of thousands of future higher education students. We invite you to learn about a tool used by the fastest growing institutions.


Scientifically Validated Instruments

HPI Potential has been built on the solid research of Williams Marston and the DISC Model, which has been widely validated worldwide. This allows us to deliver reliable and verified information in each of the automated reports we generate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Several researches have shown that people obtain better results in those areas in which they have greater potential. Likewise, studies support that when we obtain better results, commitment increases and performance is positively enhanced. 

For these and other reasons, HPI Potential is a great solution to support the results of the admission areas in the world of higher education.

HPI Potential is an assessments that combines Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology to recognize the potential of prospective students in higher education, delivering automated reports for self-awareness and choice of higher education. 

This solution, used in 32 countries around the world, has proven to increase the results in the areas of admission and improved the admission profile of our students by up to 75%.

Take advantage of these benefits and lead your institution to new results.

HPI Potential helps higher education institutions to increase the results in the areas of admission, attracting new students and improving by up to 75% the admission profile to the institutions. 

All this thanks to a powerful tool that combines Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology to attract, guide and retain students within higher education institutions.

The HPI Potential solution is part of our 100% cloud-based HPI ONE Suite, helping higher education institutions achieve extraordinary results in their admissions areas.

The main results you can expect with HPI Potential, are:

  • Attract more students to your institution.
  • Increase the number of new enrollees in your programs.
  • Improve your institution’s admission profile by up to 75%.
  • Decrease student attrition levels.
  • Among others.

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Of course it is!

HPI Potential, like all our solutions, has been designed to integrate with the various platforms used by higher education institutions, such as CRM, ERP, LMS, among others. 

With HPI Potential you will be able to have all the information in your systems, complying with the highest security standards in the handling of information and the use of computer platforms.

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