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We know that the quality of Higher Education institutions is something very relevant, that is why we have created HPI Learning, the solution that helps to measure the learning strategies of students, give them feedback and provide guidelines for pedagogical improvement to institutions that want to enhance their quality.

Improved Learning

In HPI International we know which are the areas that make higher education institutions, entities with excellence in quality. That is why we help improve academic results, teaching strategies and provide constant feedback for a culture of continuous improvement.

Evaluate your Students

Get to know your students’ learning strategies through a powerful assessment that combines artificial intelligence and predictive psychology, with which you will be able to identify the five learning dimensions of your students, in a 100% cloud-based way.

Automated Reporting

Deliver personalized and automated reports to your students, so they can continue to improve their performance, while having all the institutional information to take timely actions to improve the pedagogical quality in your institution.

Improve Academic Quality

With HPI Learning you will have reliable and timely information that will allow you to continuously improve the academic quality of your institution, enhancing your positioning, improving results and taking your institution further. 


Enhance your Quality and Institutional Prestige

HPI Learning is a fully integrated experience to the management of the educational institution, allowing a friendly experience and automatic information for student, teacher and university.

Easily and automatically deliver a reliable instrument that identifies the learning profile of a given student.

Provide clear recommendations on how to enhance academic performance and learning, based on their skills and personal style.

Real-time information in a personalized and institutional Dashboard.

It helps to characterize students in a way that supports the work of teachers, enhances student learning and supports the improvement of academic results.


Increase your Institutional Quality

Let’s get together and discover the results you can achieve with the HPI ONE Suite.

Innovating for new challenges

Reasons to implement HPI LEARNING


Get automated reports instantly

Delivers automated reports to the students being evaluated, with easy to read and understand reports, fully customized with the brand experience of the higher education institution.


Reliable, secure and validated information

HPI LEARNING is an internationally validated instrument that allows to know the level of ability in 5 key dimensions for effective learning. Obtain reliable and validated information completely online.


All the information in one place and at the moment.

You will have access to a personalized dashboard for your institution, where you will be able to know the statistics and answers in real time. In addition, you will be able to export all the records to integrate to other systems or work on new reports that you may require in Power BI.


Improve pedagogical strategies using timely information

With HPI Learning you will have timely information to make improvements in pedagogical strategies, improving the learning outcomes of your students and generating a higher educational quality of your institution.


We integrate all the information for your management and institutional improvement.

All the information gathered in HPI Learning is integrated into the systems used by your institution, either with Power BI, SAML, ERP or the most appropriate platform so that the information has a direct impact on the training quality and continuous improvement of your educational institution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To achieve better results in student learning, teachers must adapt their pedagogical methodologies to the way their students learn best. But how do teachers know that information?

HPI Learning is helping thousands of students and teachers every year to know their learning profile, providing timely and accurate feedback to educational institutions and their teachers, as well as giving each student a feedback report with recommendations to enhance their academic and learning achievements.

Our integrated HPI Learning tool evaluates five dimensions of a learning profile, such as: Motivational Strategies, Affective Components of Interaction and Context, Metacognitive Strategies, Information Search and Selection, and Information Processing and Use, delivering a complete individualized learning profile.

Nowadays we have countless studies that show how diverse people are. From tastes, habits and even the way of learning that each person may have.

For this reason, when we think about accompanying the learning and development of other people, it is important to begin by recognizing what is the best way for them to learn and what are their abilities to achieve effective and efficient learning.

HPI Learning is an instrument for measuring and identifying five key dimensions of learning, which allows us to build coherent and effective actions for self-learning and training plans for educational institutions that really want to do things better and make a positive impact.

HPI Learning is part of the HPI ONE Suite, specially designed for higher education institutions, providing timely and reliable information on student learning strategies, and providing automated reporting that helps improve pedagogical strategies and academic outcomes within your institution. 

Boost academic quality and take your institution to new levels of accreditation and prestige using the full power of HPI Learning and HPI ONE Suite solutions.

Of course it is!

HPI Learning, as all our solutions, have been designed to be integrated to the different platforms used by higher education institutions, such as CRM, ERP, LMS, among others. 

With HPI Learning you will be able to have all the information in your systems, complying with the highest security standards in the handling of information and the use of computer platforms.

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