Generate Unique Networking Instances

Meetify is a unique application of its kind, which through artificial intelligence algorithms and predictive psychology, helps to generate a Strategic Networking, ideal for seminars, congresses and meetings of students or graduates.

Empower your Elearners

Meetify helps higher education institutions to promote the linkage with the environment, working with alumni and promoting effective and high-impact meeting spaces for the development of people.

Connect to the Right People

Meetify facilitates the meeting of people for the realization of Networking instances, ensuring that they will meet with key people for the achievement of their objectives. Meetify makes it possible to “match” with like-minded people with common or complementary objectives, opening up new opportunities for attendees.

Empowering Growth and New Opportunities

Generate unique value by bringing the right people together. Help attendees meet people with common interests, personality compatibility and strategically composed objectives, thanks to our Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology system, which helps generate goal-enhancing encounters.

Build High Value Networks

People consider meetings (face-to-face or virtual) to be of value, if they manage to connect with people who help them achieve their goals or open up new opportunities. With Meetify you can generate this result without leaving it to chance, generating valuable networks at your events and having a multiplier effect.

Ideal for Professional Meetings.


Meetify is an application designed to generate high-value networking opportunities for participants, regardless of whether they are face-to-face or virtual, Meetify accompanies you in this challenge. 

Higher Education institutions use Meetify to connect their graduates and generate a unique impact, such as:

Connect people with high personality compatibility. That is, you make sure that people have a great feeling for each other.

Unite people with common and complementary goals, in this way you promote that they can support each other and open joint opportunities.

Delivers recommendations to make every encounter great. Meetify gives you suggestions on how to set up the encounter based on the other person's personality.

Evaluate the impact of each meeting and configure every aspect of your networking instances in a personalized way, so Meetify adapts to your needs.


Promote Effective Networking

Unite people who together can do great things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meetify is a solution developed by HPI, which generates unique and highly effective Networking meetings, bringing together the right people through an algorithm and artificial intelligence that brings together people with compatible personalities and common goals, to open new opportunities and highly effective relationships.

If you want to hold meetings of professionals, graduates or students, and you want to make a unique and valuable impact, then you should use Meetify. 

Meetify helps you organize networking events, both in person and remotely, configuring the times, spaces, number of people and other rules that will make your event something that really generates value. 

In addition, it helps you bring together people who share objectives and have the potential to open new areas of joint opportunity, among other relevant functions, such as personality compatibility, communication recommendations, among others.


It’s simple. All you can hope for is that people leave with a network of contacts that are impactful, add value to their goals and build real connections that open up opportunities. 

And all that in a unique experience.

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