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Our Scholarship Program 2023

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At HPI International we are committed to building a better world, for that reason we are the first Triple Impact SaaS platform for the world of Higher Education and committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our Scholarships 2023 program seeks to benefit a total of 12,000 students from schools throughout Ibero-America, promoting the generation of more and better talent in key skills for the future, such as.

Communication and Storytelling​

Financial Education

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Emotional Intelligence and Well-being​

“This initiative, provides a total of 3 million dollars, with 100% virtual training, which are awarded in partnership with Higher Education Institutions committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the desire to positively impact future generations. Join with your Institution and together let’s change the future of girls, boys and young people.”

An opportunity to generate change

Become an Official Partner of the Program 2023

We want your Higher Education Institution to be a Partner for this new version of our 2023 Scholarship program.

An opportunity for us to positively impact the new generations, through training focused on the skills that empower and enable the expansion of talent. 

We invite your institution to participate in this initiative and become our Official Partner, participating in the following instances:

Deliver Community Grants

Receive part of the 12,000 scholarships so that together we can impact students in your country and transform their future.

International Congresses

Be part of the conferences of our International Congresses, sharing innovations and best practices.

Spread Value Initiatives

You will have spaces in our Lives calendar so that you can share initiatives with the international IES community.

Requirements for Official Partners

Being part of the HPI International 2023 Scholarship Program invites higher education institutions in Ibero-America to commit to positively impact their environments, participate in outreach activities that are of value to the community and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations SDGs. 

Each institution that becomes a partner of this program, must sign a cooperation agreement and agreement with our entity, committing to meet the following requirements:


The HEI must liaise with schools in its country or direct environment, to manage the allocation of scholarships received for this version.

The Partner Institution is committed to actively participate in the Congresses convened by HPI, with exhibitors and as a media partner.

Each institution participating in the program must share initiatives it develops, linked to innovation and institutional improvement.

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