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HPI ONE, the solution designed for Universities

Get to know our 100% Cloud University Suite, which delivers timely and reliable information to attract, retain and empower your students and the quality of higher education institutions, in a fully integrated experience and constant support.

Integrated Platform

HPI ONE is an integrated platform for higher education institutions, helping to attract more students, retain them and enhance their competencies and graduation profile.

Reliable and Timely

Reliable and timely information with scientifically validated and internationally tested instruments, with automated reporting for students and institutions.

Continuous Improvement

Our reporting helps students and institutions to continuously improve, making timely decisions based on reliable information. In this way, institutions enhance their quality and prestige.

A true ally

We are true allies of the universities, accompanying them in their institutional challenges, so that they can achieve better management, higher quality and unique results.

99,9% Uptime

Our technology is based on Google Cloud offering 99.9% server uptime, providing the highest data security and protection of relevant information.

Proven Results

We improve key quality indicators, accreditation and international rankings, thanks to our solutions fully integrated with the main EdTech platforms.

Revolutionizing the Admission System

The HPI Potential solution is comprised of three main pillars, which help institutions improve their admissions performance in a sustainable and effective way, increasing enrollment levels and improving student entry profiles by up to 75%.

Assessment of Potential

There are many instruments that evaluate vocation, but at HPI International we know that it is much better to know the potential of students and guide them to areas of study where they have the talent and qualities to obtain the best results.

Training for Admissions Executives

It is not enough to know who your potential students are and what they are like if you do not use this information to accompany them, advise them and attract target students to your institution. We train and transfer internationally proven methodologies to improve results.

Reporting and Integrated Analytics

Our solution integrates with institutional systems, such as CRM, ERP or LMS, among others. Achieving an agile and effective use of information. In addition, the HPI ONE Suite delivers automated reporting for students and the institution, improving the experience and enhancing decision-making in real time.

hpi potential

Boosting Academic Quality


HPI Learning is the solution to understand students’ learning strategies, providing feedback and guidance to improve their academic results.

In addition, we provide key information for institutions, helping them to improve their teaching strategies and boosting results within their university.

Evaluates and provides feedback

The HPI Learning solution allows 100% digital measurement of learning strategies, providing a complete report personalized to each student and key information for institutional improvement.

Improving Academic Quality

We provide timely and reliable information so that institutions can enhance their pedagogical strategies, improving their academic quality. This helps them to train better professionals, obtain greater prestige and promote an institutional virtuous circle.

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Preparing the Professionals of the Future

Evaluate and promote the most required transversal competencies in the labor world of the XXI Century, ensuring a graduate profile of excellence and competent professionals.

Evaluate Key Competencies

Know the levels of Transversal Competencies or Power Skills of your students, in a continuous way, giving them feedback with automated and valuable reports.

Enhance your Competencies

Provide automated formative spaces to those students who present gaps in their evaluated competencies. Ensure the graduation profile of your students, forming integral professionals for the 21st Century.

Certify Competencies

Add a unique differential for your students, delivering a Certificate of Competencies used in 32 countries around the world, which enhances their employability.


Achieve extraordinary results


Diligent elarners listening to coach at seminar

Identify in a timely manner the risk of student attrition, providing support focused on the highest risk variables, thanks to the HPI Engage system, which combines Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology, improving up to 42% the retention and engagement of your students.

Predictive Algorithms

By means of our predictive algorithm you will obtain reliable information about the risk of your students dropping out, recognizing the main variables you need to support in order to retain those students.

Increased Retention

The institutions that manage to focus their actions and increase the engagement of their students are the ones with the highest retention rates. With HPI Engage you can also bring these extraordinary results to your institution, improving these indicators by up to 42%.

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All the Information in One Place


With the HPI ONE Suite you can have all the information, analytics and reporting in one place, facilitating management and decision making. In addition, our system has integration with the main technologies used in the world of higher education.


Real Time Records

Get all the information in real time by logging into your institutional HPI ONE account. Know the status of your institution and visualize the results to make better decisions in a more agile way.

Automated Reporting

Deliver reports that contribute to your students’ growth and have automated institutional reporting. Rely on the best AI and Predictive Modeling system for the higher education world.

Total Integration

We know you use many systems that do not interact with each other. With HPI ONE integrate multi-platform information to save time and improve the quality of your educational institution.

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About HPI ONE Suite

Frequently Asked Questions

HPI ONE is a 100% cloud suite created for Higher Education institutions, helping them to solve key areas in their institutional development, improving quality and positioning.

Our solutions are available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Yes, of course!

We know that higher education institutions use several systems to perform their work and that many of them do not integrate with each other, generating loss of time, functionality, resources and finally, hindering their challenge to improve and grow. 

HPI ONE has been developed to integrate with the main systems used in the world of higher education, generating an agile and effective experience.

For us it is essential that the information we provide is Reliable and Timely. For this reason, we only work with instruments that have been internationally validated for the world of higher education, following exhaustive processes of statistical adequacy and reliability for use in 32 countries around the world. 

The HPI ONE suite provides an answer to higher education institutions, regardless of the number of students they have. Therefore, it effectively helps entities of different sizes, not requiring a minimum number of students, nor establishing a maximum number of students. 

Nuestras soluciones simplemente funcionan, ayudando a atraer, retener y potenciar a los estudiantes, la calidad institucional y su prestigio.

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