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We help Higher Education Institutions achieve unique results.

IA + Predictive Psychology: is the perfect formula for attracting, retaining and empowering your students and the results of higher education institutions.

Reliable and Timely Information: we provide information that you can trust and when you need it. All our solutions have been scientifically validated at an international level.

A specialist team: we are experts in higher education and technologies, that's why we have created the most complete Suite for your institution to reach its growth and quality goals.

Institutions that have trusted us

Attract, retain and empower your students.

We enhance the quality of higher education institutions.

At HPI International we support Higher Education institutions, through a 100% Cloud Suite, which combines Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology, helping institutions to attract, retain and empower their students, directly impacting institutional quality, increasing their enrollment, improving their graduation profile, among other key variables.

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Satisfaction and Results
Higher Admission

Increase the results of your admission processes and improve the profile of the students your institution receives by 75%.

We help you to continue growing and projecting into the future.

Less attrition

Reduce student dropout by up to 42%, through indicators that predict risk and suggest areas for improvement. 

Help your students and boost their Engagement.

More Academic Quality

Improve your students’ academic results by 52% and enhance the Power Skills of graduation in all your careers. 

More quality, more prestige, better results.

One System for One Result

A Suite designed for Universities.

The ideal instrument to attract future students, provide accurate feedback and guide them to choose those areas in which they have the greatest potential for professional performance.

The solution that allows to know the learning strategies of students, giving feedback for continuous improvement and providing recommendations that enhance the quality of teaching and teaching.

Measure and strengthen the most required Power Skills for today’s world. Measure and support the formation of Transversal Competencies, ensuring a high quality in the profile of its graduates.

Identify early those students at risk of dropping out and receive indicators to strengthen internal engagement. Achieve the highest level of retention with this solution.

It is the best platform for networking, both for students and alumni communities. Promote strategic meetings for your professional growth with Meetify.

Our HPI One solution has integrations to the main technology systems used by higher education institutions. Integrate data and enhance the experience.

Potencie sus Resultados y Mejore la Calidad

Why choose HPI International?

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International Experience

Hemos apoyado a decenas de miles de estudiantes, en instituciones de educación superior de diversos lugares del mundo. Nuestra experiencia nos permite apoyarle a lograr resultados diferenciadores.

Proven Results

We have had a verifiable impact on key indicators of attraction, retention and improvement in the academic quality of higher education institutions.

Specialist Team

Our team is specialized in higher education and technologies, which allows us to combine Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Psychology to improve educational institutions.

Reportage for Improvement

Our solution provides high-level automated reporting, both for students and for the continuous improvement of the educational institution.

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We want to help you to empower your institution

Request a meeting with our team of specialist consultants, and discover how HPI ONE can help you Attract, Retain and Empower your higher education students and Institutional Quality.

An information center integrated to your institution.

Get to know HPI ONE

HPI ONE is our 100% Cloud Suite, oriented to help Higher Education Institutions to Attract, Retain and Empower their students, improving management indicators and academic quality. 

In addition, HPI ONE is integrated with the main technological solutions of the educational sector, generating reporting and cross-referencing information in an agile way. Facilitating institutional management and decision making in a timely manner and with reliable support.

We invite you to know all the benefits you can get with HPI ONE, such as increasing student enrollment, reducing dropout, enhancing the graduation profile, improving training strategies and much more.

All this with a clear purpose: To take your institution to higher levels of excellence, quality and prestige.


Multiplatform Integration

Our suite has integration to the main technologies used in the world of higher education, such as CRM, ERP, LMS, among others, facilitating the management of information and the experience of students, academics and managers.

Information Security

Cybersecurity is fundamental for us, that is why we have the highest protocols for information management and information security, having Google Cloud as a partner for our solutions. Rely on experts in information gathering, processing and management for higher education institutions.

Innovating for Tomorrow's Education

Institutions that Trust Us

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An opportunity to create change with our Scholarship Program 2023.

Let's help future students of Higher Education today

The sustainability and future of higher education lies, to a large extent, in how we connect today with the students of the future. This active and useful presence for the development of girls, boys and young people will be the result we will see in the coming years, in the challenging process of Attracting, Retaining and Empowering the talent of future generations of professionals. 

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