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At HPI International we have the experience of having trained more than 120,000 people in 32 countries around the world, which allows us to have first-class exponents, cutting-edge technologies and the ability to make your training programs unique for your employees. With HPI Training Solution you will be able to obtain the following:

Continuous and Personalized Training

We offer continuing education programs to keep your employees up to date and with the necessary competencies that allow them to achieve extraordinary results.

Flexible modalities for every need

All our trainings are developed in a flexible modality and are adapted to the needs of each institution and its collaborators.

State-of-the-art technology and evaluation system

We provide unforgettable learning experiences through the use of the best technology and professional specialists from different parts of the world.

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Continuing Education for your employees

HPI Training Solution is an ecosystem of training programs aimed at developing the key skills and competencies most in demand today.

With our services your organization will be able to obtain:

More than 40 training programs in the form of Workshops, Courses and International Certifications.

Synchronous and asynchronous programs, as well as new platforms for on-demand training, a "live" experience anytime, anywhere.

To build training plans that allow the development and measurement of the competencies achieved, achieving full traceability of training activities.

We integrate or develop your Corporate University, reducing training costs and achieving a new culture of continuous learning.

How does HPI Training Solution help?

We are allies of our clients, helping them to have training that is relevant, effective and aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization. 

In addition, we offer an international experience, with a network of instructors from different parts of the world, the best technology and evaluation systems and traceability of competencies that allow us to have timely and reliable information.

HPI Training Solution helps you achieve the following:


Keep your collaborators in constant learning and improvement.


Enhances key competencies for successful performance.


Transfer knowledge from anywhere, with fully online experiences.


Evaluate the competencies of your employees, achieving total traceability.


Reduce costs and increase the reach of your training plans.


Choose from workshops, courses or international certifications.


Create or integrate content to your Corporate University and continue to get the culture you want

Assessments For People Management And Education

A powerful solution for evaluation and development

Discover a world-class service

Innovating for new challenges

Reasons to implement HPI Training Solutions

+ Learn with specialists from different countries

We have an international team of trainers of the highest level, who can make a difference in your learning experiences and continuous improvement.

Allow your employees to have an international and multicultural experience with our trainings.

+ First class experience, with the best technology.

From customized Virtual Campuses to on-demand experience systems, these are just some of the qualities that make us unique and different when it comes to offering learning experiences that are truly unforgettable and that make a difference to your teams. ​

+ Certifies competencies and knowledge, at international level.

Years of experience, presence in 32 countries and a network of alliances and international accreditations such as PCA, ICF, ISM among others, help us to offer trainings that not only transfer knowledge and skills, but also deliver world-class certifications to your organization.​

+ More than 40 training programs

We have more than 40 types of programs, in online mode, covering 30 key transversal competencies to enhance the results of teams and organizations.

Our programs are available in the form of workshops, courses and international certifications.

+ Constantly evaluates key competencies

In addition to developing skills in different teaching modalities, you will be able to constantly evaluate the competencies developed, having a complete traceability of the results of the training interventions.​

About HPI Training Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

At HPI International we have trained and accredited more than 120,000 people in 30 countries, which allows us to have the experience, equipment and technology to deliver unique training experiences to teams and organizations.

HPI Training Solution is our corporate training system that has more than 40 training programs, in distance mode, which can be delivered as workshops, courses and international certifications, to the employees of your institution.

We have a network of international instructors and world-class accreditations that endorse our programs, methodologies and impact.

All our programs have synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid versions and can go hand in hand with the development of Corporate Universities, increasing their impact, reducing costs and transforming the organization and its results.

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Here are some of the advantages:

  1. More than 40 training programs in a variety of modalities, including international certifications.
  2. Specialist trainers in critical areas of success, with international experience.
    100% remote training, with the best technology and training experience.
    Integration to corporate universities or development of one for your organization.
    Constant evaluation and traceability of the competencies developed by the participants.
    Reduction of training costs and increase in the scope of training

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