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solutions For people management and the development of human potential.

We are passionate about technology and people development. Empower, learn and transform with us.

We create innovative solutions that support measurement and accompaniment to empower people.

Assessments for People Management and Education... 100% Cloud!

Designed to measure, empower and achieve great results, join HPI!

We are an organization with a presence in more than 30 countries and a member of the LearninGroup consortium of entities in the United States, which allows us to effectively combine the development of application models, internationally validated tools, customized solutions for our corporate clients, and high-value training content for companies and educational institutions at an international level.

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Accelerates organizational change, with reliable information, an agile platform and reports of great value for strategic decision making.

Consulting Partners

Join an international network that allows you to improve your service offering, grow your business and bring value to your customers.


They help you in your self-knowledge and personal development, to enhance your results and reach that new version you desire. 


Innovating for new challenges

We create solutions according to your measurements

Assessments focused on providing an agile and high-impact experience to individuals, teams and organizations, with the purpose of providing reliable information that allows continuous development and the achievement of better results.

We support the evaluation and development of learning competencies to promote better academic performance, decreasing student dropout and increasing professional skills.

Generate greater business impact and incorporate a wide range of focused solutions to help your clients enhance people results throughout the employee lifecycle. 

We develop customized systems to meet every need

Why choose HPI International?

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Boost your results

With HPI Tools you can boost your results, improve your communication style and develop more and better skills.

Reliable reporting

Reliable information, statistically validated and supported by serious studies scientifically tested worldwide. 

Ideal for development

HPI Tools is used to provide relevant information and effective recommendations for the improvement of people and teams.

Automated reporting

Get automatic reports, with valuable and easy-to-use information to enhance development and learning.

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Aimed at consulting, selection, training, coaching, human resources and related companies that want to improve their service offerings, grow their business and positively impact their customers, with innovative and high-value technology for people management and educational institutions, adding value and enhancing results.


Our digital solutions, such as the DISC tool, have already been used by more than 53 million customers worldwide, bringing value to self-knowledge, competency development and work in individuals, teams and organizations.


Each of our HPI Tools reports provides you with reliable information, statistically validated and supported by serious studies that have been scientifically tested worldwide.

We design and carry instruments of the highest quality.

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